We are grill specialists, making the quality of the ingredients and the mastery in the making of our food the major premises in this restaurant.

Sausages - black, chorizo and flour sausage
Regional bread, salad
Gastronomic Specialtys
Grilled streak
Grilled wild veal Beef
Grilled black pork
Grilled Bull
Roasted chicken

Seasonal Menus
Cooked wild meats - from October to May
Grilled sardines - from June to September
Great wine assortment of the best portuguese regions

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Quality and Tradition

Taberna do Manelvina Restaurant has a very old tradition... A word from our founders:

"We have a great tradition in welcoming all our clients with a good sense of humor, we always give our best to make you feel at home."

Manuel "Manelvina" Isabel - Taberna do Manelvina Restaurant
"Taberna do Manelvina is specialized in grilled Steak, we excel for the best ingredients for your meal to be unforgettable."
Alfredo "Manelvina" Isabel - Taberna do Manelvina Restaurant

Veja abaixo a nossa localização e contactos:

Rua Principal Nº 21 - Cruzes - 2500-632 Salir de Matos - Caldas da Rainha - Portugal | + 351 262 870 014 | +351 917 221 062 |

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