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Founded as a trade house, grocery store, cafe and tavern in 1954 by Mr. Manuel "Manelvina" Isabel. From the year 1997 Mr. Alfredo "Manelvina" Isabel improved and expanded the space as a bigger tavern and snack house. There was no shortage of cheeses and homemade hams, as well as the good wine of the best regions. In that times parties abounded with friends and acquaintances, be they fans of bullfight or not. Shortly after Taberna do Manelvina introduced the black pork barbecue, which at the time was unheard of in these region of Portugal. This speciality gave enormous fame to this restaurant and consolidated its name as one of the most famous establishments of this kind in the region. Later was also introduced the bull barbecue, and the renowned bacon barbecue.

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Quality and Tradition

Taberna do Manelvina Restaurant has a very old tradition... A word from our founders:

"Taberna do Manelvina is specialized in grilled Steak, we excel for the best ingredients for your meal to be unforgettable."
Alfredo "Manelvina" Isabel - Taberna do Manelvina Restaurant

Rua Principal Nº 21 - Cruzes - 2500-632 Salir de Matos - Caldas da Rainha - Portugal

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