Taberna do Manelvina


As grilled food specialists, we make the quality of our ingredients and our mastery in preparing them our main premises...


Sausages - black, chorizo and flour sausage
Regional bread, salad

Gastronomic Specialtys

Grilled streak
Grilled wild veal Beef
Grilled black pork
Grilled Bull
Roasted chicken

Seasonal Menus

Cooked wild meats - From October to May
Grilled sardines - From June to September

Great wine assortment of the best portuguese regions


Company awarded by "Chave D'Ouro" coffee brand - Customers for 50 Years

Founded as a shop, grocery store, café and tavern in 1954 by Mr. Manuel “Manelvina” Isabel. From 1997 onwards, Mr. Alfredo “Manelvina” Isabel carried out renovations on the space to expand it into a snack bar, which were the first steps taken towards the current Taberna do Manelvina restaurant.


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Todas as reservas através do nosso web site requerem ser feitas com no mínimo 2 dias de antecedência, sendo validadas apenas com um email de confirmação da nossa parte.


Rua Principal Nº 21 - Cruzes - 2500-632 Salir de Matos - Caldas da Rainha - Portugal

262 870 014 - Call to the national fixed network

917 221 062 - Call to the national mobile network

Tuesdays to Saturdays : 12:00-15:00, 19:00-22:00

Mondays : 19:00-22:00

Sundays : Closed

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